2 Nov 2011

Doubt over CNMI's Palacios career after drugs arrest

2:37 pm on 2 November 2011

Questions are being raised about whether a lawmaker arrested on a drugs charge in the Northern Marianas can remain in office.

Police arrested Representative Raymond Palacios on Friday for allegedly selling 200 US dollars worth of crystal methamphetamine, or ice.

Members of the Drug Enforcement Task Force and DPS Criminal Investigation Bureau used a confidential source to buy the drug from Mr Palacios on October the 19th.

Mr Palacios has now posted bail of 3,000 dollars in cash and 27,000 dollars in unsecured bonds.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says he was the chair of the house committee for Education, and many lawmakers are shocked.

"Obviously we are saddened by it, and shocked, by having one of their colleagues arrested on drugs charges. But the thing they are deliberating now, is that once he gets out, will he still be allowed to again serve and complete his duties as an elected official."

Mark Rabago says Mr Palacios is expected to appear in court again on November the 19th.