2 Nov 2011

American Samoa's governor vetoes bill prohibiting ASPA from raising rates

9:41 am on 2 November 2011

American Samoa's governor has vetoed a House bill that would have prohibited the local power company from increasing rates until further action by the legislature.

Togiola Tulafono told Fono leaders that after carefully considering the effects the bill would have on ASPA and the services it provides, he is unable to lend support.

He says the American Samoa Power Authority is established by law with a board to govern its own affairs.

Togiola says it's also authorized to develop and publish rates and charges for providing utility services electric in accordance with administrative procedures.

The governor says the new bill would create a conflict with provisions of the ASPA statute and would very quickly invite litigation.

The Fono approved the measure before ASPA increased water, solid waste and groundwater protection charges which went into effect October 1st.

The new rates will be reflected in the next ASPA bills due out November 21.