31 Oct 2011

Family Planning says Pacific's high youth numbers are an opportunity

8:09 pm on 31 October 2011

The Director of Family Planning International Sumi Subramaniam says there must be investment in young people now if Pacific Island countries are to take advantage of their burgeoning youth population.

As the world marks the seven billionth human birth today, the Pacific region is marking its ten millionth.

Ms Subramaniam says sixty percent of people in the region are under the age of 25 and this high proportion of young people should be regarded as an opportunity.

"In the Pacific you want to make sure that the investments are made in these young people right now whether it comes to health or education or employment because at some point the Pacific does have an opportunity to have a large demographic dividend when these young people get into a productive age group."

The director of Family Planning International Sumi Subramaniam