29 Oct 2011

Final results of voting in Kiribati parliamentary elections in

11:26 am on 29 October 2011

The final results of the second round of voting in the Kiribati parliamentary elections have come in.

Candidates who won 50 percent of the vote were declared in the first round last week, and another round was held of the top-polling candidates for the remaining seats.

Up to 40 thousand people voted for the country's 44 MPs last week, and twenty-two seats were declared in that round.

The chief electoral officer, Rine Ueara, says voting went smoothly on Friday and there was a stronger voter turn out in this second around.

She says some concerns were raised to her office following voting.

"There were some raising issues but petitions should be raised through the high court. So we might not know whether petitions are going to be raised or not but they know their rights, and they may be proceeding to the high court with their petitions."

Rine Ueara.