27 Oct 2011

Guam campaigns for return of old drugs to stop abuse

5:30 pm on 27 October 2011

The Guam Drug Enforcement is again campaigning for the return of expired drugs to curb abuse.

This Saturday it will hold its third annual drug take back day amid claims that drug deaths in Guam now out number traffic fatalities.

A Drug Enforcement Administration official, Mike Purlewski, says it is the youth who are most at risk, with prescription drugs now the most problematic.

"Prescription drug abuse by youth is becoming more of a gateway drug. In years past we used to look at marijuana, which we would say is a gateway drug."

He says it is easy for young people to get their hands on prescription drugs, so he urges parents and other family members to lock the cabinets where they put prescription drugs.

Mr Purlewski says there will be booths available in various locations where people can drop off expired drugs.