26 Oct 2011

New Caledonia screening of movie Rebellion now expected

3:14 pm on 26 October 2011

There is confidence in New Caledonia that a way will be found to screen a French feature film after the territory's monopoly cinema operator stopped it, citing the sensitivity of the topic.

The movie, whose English title is Rebellion, is based on the 1988 Ouvea massacre and is set to be released in three weeks.

After an outpouring of criticism, plans are now afoot to show the film in town halls across the territory.

According to the local newspaper, the mayors of La Foa and Bourail are among those keen to screen it.

One of the producers says a screening was held in Paris for all New Caledonian politicians present for discussions on the Noumea Accord.

He says the only one to refuse the invitation was Pierre Frogier, who is the head of the anti-independence Rassemblement-UMP.