25 Oct 2011

Concerns of quality of water in Kiribati

11:50 am on 25 October 2011

People living near the water lens on the Kiribati atoll of Tarawa are causing problems for the water supply.

Kiribati is not facing the drought that has affected Tokelau and Tuvalu, but the water quality on the atoll is extremely low.

The ministry of health's Seren Davis, says people living near the water source at Bonriki are putting up toilets in the area, which could contaminate the source.

"But there's been awareness, not only by the Ministry of Health, but also Environment and Lands. But it would be a problem if they are continuing to live there."

Seren Davis says for the time being, Kiribati has a good enough water supply to cope, though piped water is rationed.