24 Oct 2011

Defiance in New Caledonia over feature film ban

12:55 pm on 24 October 2011

There are plans in New Caledonia to show the French feature film based on the 1988 Ouvea hostage massacre in town halls.

This comes after the territory's only cinema operator said he wouldn't show the film, whose English title is Rebellion.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"The cinema owner has ruled out screening the film which will be released in France in three weeks, saying he is in the business of entertainment and doesn't want to re-open wounds. The announcement has stunned the public, fomenting speculation that political pressure in Noumea is behind the decision to stop the film by Mathieu Kassovitz. The film project, which was given public funds from the two mainly Kanak provinces, was criticised by a pro-French politician, Pierre Frogier. The movie was shot in French Polynesia last year after Mr Kassovitz faced resistance to the project in New Caledonia."