21 Oct 2011

Former Kiribati President confident his party will win

6:51 am on 21 October 2011

A prominent Kiribati opposition politician says he believes his party will win enough seats to nominate a candidate for President.

Kiribati goes to the polls today, in the first of two rounds of parliamentary elections, which will be followed by a presidential election, with candidates nominated by MPs.

The former President, Teburoro Tito, says his party needs at least 16 seats to be able to put a candidate forward without being blocked.

"The bigger numbers can work out their numbers in such a way that the smaller numbers will not get a chance of getting a candidate through. So, we hope by getting 16, and I think we will get more than 16, we should be able to push our candidate, one or two.At least we're a part of the competition."

Teburoro Tito.

Results from this round of voting are expected to be known on Saturday morning.