19 Oct 2011

Call for independent nuclear test impact assessment in French Polynesia

11:43 am on 19 October 2011

A French Polynesian member of the French Senate has called on Paris to organise and fund an independent and international study of the impact of the French nuclear weapons tests on French Polynesia.

Richard Tuheiava has made the call in a formal question in the Senate directed at the French prime minister, Francois Fillon.

Mr Tuheiava says it is inconceivable to leave the territory without any assessment more than 13 years after the end of the testing.

He says the study should look at the effects of the tests in terms of their economic, social, cultural and health and environmental impact from the start of the testing regime in 1963.

Mr Tuheiava says such a stock-take is necessary for a renewed, transparent and constructive dialogue between the institutions of French Polynesia and the French state.