11 Oct 2011

Vanuatu opposition MP calls for Finance Minister to release his allocation

7:47 pm on 11 October 2011

In Vanuatu, the MP for Malekula constituency, Paul Telukluk, has urged the Minister of Finance to release his parliamentary allocation of one million vatu, or ten thousand US dollars, for this year.

Mr Telukluk, who is a member of the opposition, has been seeking an explanation from the minister, Moana Carcasses, about the delay in the release of his allocation.

He has found out that the minister has already instructed the Department of Finance to release only the allocations for the 28 members of the parliament in government.

Under the parliamentary act, each year an MP is entitled to get one million vatu for each electorate.

Mr Telukluk said that parliament has already approved 52 million vatu for the allocation of its 52 members and there is no reason why Mr Carcasses should not release their monies.