7 Oct 2011

More water production needed on Tuvalu

10:02 am on 7 October 2011

The New Zealand High Commissioner to Tuvalu says the production of more water is necessary despite the arrival of two desalination units from New Zealand.

New Zealand has responded to a call for help from the Tuvalu government after the country declared a drought induced state of emergency last week.

Two units were flown to Funafuti by the New Zealand Air Force on Monday.

The High Commissioner Gareth Smith says their input has helped ease the dire water shortage on Nukulaelae, the worst hit atoll, while people are being disciplined in their use of water.

But Mr Smith says the concern is that the volume of fresh water on the main island, Funafuti, has shrunk drastically in recent times.

"There are risks with such a low amount of water. You know there's an island population of 5,200. So the issue is that we probably do need more water produced here.You know the more quick, the better."