6 Oct 2011

Tavini critical of France over silence in Flosse case

2:34 pm on 6 October 2011

The party of French Polynesia's president has criticised what it calls the silence of the French state in view of the waste and financal abuse by the former administration of Gaston Flosse.

The Tavini Huiraatira has issued a statement after the criminal court sentenced Flosse to four years in jail and ordered him and 55 others to jointly reimburse 5.7 million US dollars to the public purse.

The Tavini says the first complaint about the phantom jobs was lodged in 1995 but because of higher interests at the time, the French state didn't react.

It says the state is also being guilty of what the Polynesians are accused of without being punished.

Flosse says he never abused public funds, adding that all contracts at the centre of the court case were approved by successive French high commissioners.

The Tavini says the status of an expatriate is convenient as with every new posting one's virginity is restored.