5 Oct 2011

Niue Tourism plans more products for land based whale watching

6:59 pm on 5 October 2011

Niue could become a tourism hotspot for whalewatchers not wanting to take to the sea to view the mammals.

Niue Tourism Board's Hayden Porter says humpbacks have been prolific around Niue this season and this year they came much closer to shore.

He says one visitor watched eighteen in one afternoon without leaving the hotel which has given tourism officials the idea of having more land-based activities for whale watchers.

Mr Porter hopes there will be mounted binoculars, webcams and even listening devices in place for next season.

"Most of the yachties who are in the mooring field said that virtually all night every night as soon as you hopped in the water you could hear the whale calls coming through the water so we thought we could do something with this, even based on land, so it's something we'll be looking into over the next twelve months before the start of the next whale season."

Hayden Porter says legislation is being prepared in Niue to ensure whales continue to be protected and the industry is sustainable.