5 Oct 2011

Call to curb powers of Fiji Electricity Authority

1:24 pm on 5 October 2011

Fiji's Consumer Council wants a law change to rein in the Fiji Electricity Authority which cuts power to customers missing a single payment.

The Council's chief executive, Premila Kumar, says it's a regular occurrence, with the Authority exploiting its monopoly.

She says it's also helped by the legislation governing electricity supply.

Ms Kumar says this was drawn up many years ago when no thought was given to consumer rights, and so needs to be changed.

"That's what we are fighting for. What we are simply saying is that the legislation is drawn only in the favour of the power supplier and not the consumers. So we expect that legislation to change so that it's fair to both the parties."

The Fiji Consumer Council's Premila Kumar says there have been discussion with the Ministry of Public Enterprises, which is considering amendments to the legislation.