3 Oct 2011

More submissions wanted on New Zealand languages legal framework

3:49 pm on 3 October 2011

The Pacific Languages Coalition in New Zealand is calling for more community submissions or it could be denied an opportunity to put its case for a literacy and languages legal framework to Parliament.

The concerns of nearly 7,000 submitters were outlined in a petition, presented to Parliament on September the 1st.

But petition organisers say the chair of the National Government's Education and Science Committee has already stated that he has no plans to ask for submissions or possibly to even hold a hearing on the matter.

Petitioner and researcher for the Bilingual Leo Pacific Coalition, John McCaffery, says people need to write and send in what they think about Pacific language and bilingual education in a submission to the committee by the end of this week.

"The Coalition, at its website, can provide people with further information about that, but its really an opportunity for people to say what they want for their children and grandchildren, and then it's really up to government to find a way of doing that."

John McCaffery says people can also make submissions in their island languages, and New Zealanders living in Niue, the Cook Islands and Tokelau are also eligible to have their say.