30 Sep 2011

French Polynesia's Tahitipresse news agency marked for closure

10:30 am on 30 September 2011

The French Polynesian government has decided to close the news agency Tahitipresse at the end of this year.

A decision to that end was reportedly made on Monday but became public only yesterday when a board member was advised.

This follows suggestions made weeks ago that savings had to be achieved in the public sector.

The agency's editor, Thibault Marais, says there may be a private sector role in continuing the agency.

"The alternative plans could be maybe merging with the Tahiti Nui Television service. The other plan could be private companies which might be interested in continuing this service. No later than yesterday, at least two companies told us that they were interested and maybe we could talk about that as well."

The Tahitipresse editor, Thibault Marais,