29 Sep 2011

Advocate of media freedom shocked media summit scheduled for Fiji

8:12 pm on 29 September 2011

The chairperson of a Pacific region organisation, advocating freedom of speech and independent media, says she's shocked a media summit will be held in Fiji in March.

The Pacific Islands News Association has rescheduled the summit after Papua New Guinea told PINA it wouldn't be able to host the biennial event in November.

With strict media censorship employed by Fiji's interim regime the chair of Pacific Freedom Forum, Titi Gabi, says it's a concern PINA will take the summit to Fiji.

"What's to say that everyone that gets there won't be monitored. Journalists that attend won't be looking over our backs all the time. It's just not a great place to go and talk about media freedom.....not now...not yet."

Titi Gabi

The PINA president Moses Stevens says taking the summit to Fiji will help foster better relations between the media and the interim regime.