29 Sep 2011

Tuvalu capital suffers from water shortage

8:10 pm on 29 September 2011

International aid efforts are helping Tuvalu with a critical water shortage, with an emergency now declared in Funafuti.

The International Federation of the Red Cross regional office is assisting the Tuvalu Red Cross to deal with low fresh water levels on Nukulaelae, south of Funafuti.

A joint assessment mission was sent to Nukulaelae last week, where the team also delivered 11,000 litres of water to its more than 300 residents that should last for about two weeks.

The IFRC Disaster Management co-ordinator, Ysabeau Rycx, says the water shortage has also hit the capital island.

"They have declared a state of emergency for the next 14 days because there is a low level of water on Funafuti island as well."

Ysabeau Rycx.