27 Sep 2011

UNICEF opts for new technology to counter infant mortality

12:46 pm on 27 September 2011

The United Nations Childrens Fund, UNICEF, is to use mobile phone technology to reduce the high levels of infant mortality in the Pacific.

The Pacific head of UNICEF Isiye Ndombi says while child health in the Pacific has improved in recent years, a lot of children die in the first month of life.

He says their plan is to have the mobile phone as the key link between the community and the health sector.

Mr Ndombi says the aim is to have at least five contacts with the mother of the new born baby in the first month of its life.

"There will be a midwife who will be at the health system who will be monitoring a child who has been born, just to make sure the child is growing well, and that the child has no difficulties. Now if the mother has any difficulties with the baby she will go to a local provider, a community health worker, who then can call the midwife at the health facility. We are really trying to make it a close link."

The Pacific head of UNICEF, Isiye Ndombi