26 Sep 2011

Watchdog appalled at government failure to move on MP after violent threats

8:15 pm on 26 September 2011

The head of a watchdog group in Solomon Islands is appalled at the government's lack of reaction to violent threats from supporters of one MP made to the chairman of the Public Accounts committee, MP Matthew Wale.

The Transparency Solomon Islands chair, Bob Pollard, says the committee last week labelled the actions of West Honiara MP, Nansom Tran, as criminal.

He says the accusations Mr Tran had taken a government vehicle and put private registration plates on it, have been confirmed by the Ministry of Finance.

Mr Tran's supporters have since threatened Mr Wale and his family, yet the government is still to take any action.

"In response to this the deputy prime minister has come out saying the Public Accounts Committee is not doing its job. It's not their job to scrutinise government, which is very bizarre reaction. What everyone is thinking is this is exactly the role of the Public Accounts Committee and the deputy prime minister has been criticising the Public Accounts Committee for speaking disrespectfully to a member of parliament. How absurd is that.?"