27 Sep 2011

Pacific plays part in highlighting danger of fossil fuel use

7:44 am on 27 September 2011

A global day to highlight the effects of climate change has been dubbed a success.

At the weekend 18 Pacific nations took part in a number of activities as part of Moving Planet which aimed to urge governments around the world to lessen dependence on fossil fuels.

Moving Planet Oceania Co-ordinator, Aaron Packard, says he has seen photos of activities which included cycle rides, tree plantings and walk-a-thons and they highlight the powerful statement the day made.

Mr Packard sasy the next focus is the UN climate meeting in December in South Africa.

"We are looking at how we can support some Pacific youth to attend that and really highlight their voices at the conference.And another important step for us next year is to look at how we can expand our climate leadership workshop which engage people from all around the region in action planning."