19 Sep 2011

Fiji pensioners call for extra money to make ends meet

8:00 pm on 19 September 2011

A group working for the rights of Fiji's pensioners is calling on the interim government for an extra allowance to help the elderly off the poverty line.

The President of the Fiji Pensioners' Association Hari Naicker says new concessions on bus fares and a food voucher scheme have been gratefully received.

But Mr Naicker says it's been several years since pensions were adjusted for the rising cost of living.

"Bills to be paid are pretty high and our pensioners are facing difficulties to make ends meet so I am requesting if the government could consider giving something whereby they can enjoy the rest of their life rather than cut down their eating habits."

Hari Naicker says the Association speaks for more than a thousand former civil servants and other retirees including beneficiaries of the Fiji National Provident Fund.

Meanwhile members of the Fund are still awaiting the results of a review which could include cuts to their payouts.