19 Sep 2011

Fiji unionist seeking asylum in Australia says he's been singled out

6:16 pm on 19 September 2011

A Fiji trade unionist who's seeking political asylum in Australia says he doesn't trust the interim regime which has said he's not on any watch list.

Kenneth Zinck says he escaped to Australia three weeks ago after being tortured three times at Suva's military barracks since 2006 and being sought for questioning again last month.

A spokesperson for the interim government, Sharon Smith Johns, says Mr Zinck's allegations are unfounded.

But Mr Zinck says he's being singled out.

"Sharon doesn't even know what's happening to me as far as the soldiers hounding me down on the night of the 26th, let alone being black listed, not to leave the country. I know that from my own sources within the country. I work for a trade union (that represents workers) that run border control."

Kenneth Zinck says his union represents workers at the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority which has also been singled out under the new Essential National Industries decree.