19 Sep 2011

Vanuatu education minister guarantees teachers will be paid

5:01 pm on 19 September 2011

Vanuatu's Minister of Education is guaranteeing that the 180 teachers owed more than two million US dollars in salary payments will be paid after the next session of parliament.

Marcelino Pepite says although the teachers have received subsistence pay since the start of the year the government hasn't been able to pay them their full salaries because the previous administration failed to allocate the appropriate funds.

He says he's prepared a supplementary budget to cover the outstanding amount to be passed when parliament sits in a few weeks' time.

"We must, we must, I am confident, more than confident, it's a politicial will, I must, I must do it."

Marcelino Pepite says next year's budget is also to be approved at the next parliamentary session and he has allowed for the teachers' salaries for 2012.