12 Sep 2011

A Polynesian sub regional grouping could strengthen Pacific Forum - academic

2:16 pm on 12 September 2011

A Vanuatu-based academic says an increase in sub-regional groups could make the Pacific Islands Forum more effective.

Leaders from a number of Polynesian countries will meet in Apia in November to form a grouping similar to the Melanesian Spearhead group.

Derek Brien from the Pacific Institute of Public Policy, says if officials and leaders can deal with issues at a sub-regional level, then the Forum can concentrate on political discussion,

"We've got 16 very different independent countries. We've got the French and US territories as well to consider. Trying to hardwire regional solutions has proven time and time again, to prove nothing other than to create disunion, or carve a wedge between different states in the Pacific, or to end up in, basically, policy paralysis."

Derek Brien from the Pacific Institute of Public Policy.