7 Sep 2011

Vanuatu's opposition leader says Speaker ousting waste of public money

2:18 pm on 7 September 2011

Vanuatu's opposition leader says the Prime Minister Sato Kilman should put politics aside and concentrate on the interests of the nation.

Serge Vohor's comments follow a Supreme Court order which resulted in last night's dumping of Maxime Carlot-Korman as Parliament's Speaker.

The court order was filed by the Prime Minister who challenged Maxime Carlot-Korman's ruling on his right to remain in the speaker's chair.

The opposition says hunting down parliament's speaker was a waste of public money and pure politics.

Mr Vohor says the government has spent millions of Vatu removing the speaker while more than a hundred teachers have gone unpaid for nine months, students in Tafea province have been sent home because of outstanding school fees and university students still wait for their allowances.