6 Sep 2011

Grant to boost Niue's WiFi service

1:32 pm on 6 September 2011

The Managing Director of Internet Niue says a development grant will help it improve WiFi access to its customers.

The internet provider has been awarded almost 8,000 US dollars for its WiFi internet network through a joint initiative by the Information Society Innovation Fund.

The co-owner of RockET Systems, which manages Internet Niue, Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui, says the money will be used to further develop the company's internet network.

He says free wireless is available to most on the island through funding by the IUSN Foundation from sales of dot-NU domain names, particularly in Sweden.

"NU stands for now in that country. It's translated as now. So you register something like 'stay at hotel-dot-NU' or whatever references you want to make for now. That's why it's probably quite famous in those places."

The Managing Director of Internet Niue, Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui