2 Sep 2011

Woes at Marshalls pension fund continue

1:06 pm on 2 September 2011

The Marshall Islands retirement agency is again having to withdraw money from its international investments to meet retiree benefit payments.

The Marshall Islands Social Security Administration says unless there's a law change, the fund will be exhausted in about nine years.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says this is the third year the agency has run out of local revenue.

"The amount each year is escalating. In 2012, they're estimating they'll have to pull out nearly 4 million (US dollars) in investments to cover the retiree benefits, and the problem this situation causes is because the retirement fund in the Marshall Islands is not very well funded to begin with, in just a few years, it could exhaust all money, and then there won't be any retiree benefits at all."

Giff Johnson says the Government appointed a task force last year but it has yet to issue a report on its findings.