31 Aug 2011

Niue minister refutes reports of library closure

12:02 pm on 31 August 2011

The Minister of Community Affairs in Niue says local media reports that the Public Library has shut down are wrong.

Readers were warned by Radio Sunshine that all books were to be returned last week because the library was closing its doors, prompring complaints by some locals.

Joan Tahafa Viliamu says it was a misunderstanding and the library is simply being relocated and merged with the Government's other library housed at Niue High School.

"I think the misunderstanding in terms of the local readers are not aware that it's not closing down. It's moving or transferring, the Public Library under the education department in which the local readers can still go and borrow books from this library where it's going to be under."

Joan Viliamu says as far as she knows there have not been any redundancies as a result of the library's relocation.