30 Aug 2011

Public servants in Niue are reminded of roles and responsibilities

12:28 pm on 30 August 2011

The Government of Niue, with the help of a constitutional advisor from New Zealand, has held a series of workshops to ensure senior level employees are meeting their job requirements.

The week-long event addressed the roles and responsibilities of staff who have some constitutional role, including commissioners, treasury officials, the speaker and the clerk.

A constitutional advisor to Niue and law professor at Victoria University in Wellington, Tony Angelo, says the aim's to ensure new government staff, employed after the elections in May are confident of their positions.

"The government interest in the workshops is for people to have clarity about their roles, both those who are giving instructions and those who are trying to perform them, to see that people know clearly what are their powers, what are their limits on their powers, what are their duties."

Tony Angelo says there have been suggestions that the workshops be held annually to maintain accountability within the public service.