29 Aug 2011

Methodist Church of Fiji calls on its members not to engage in illegal practices

7:35 am on 29 August 2011

The Methodist Church of Fiji has called on its members not to engage in illegal practices that could disrupt the peace in the country.

Fiji Live online says the message comes from the Church's general secretary Reverend Tuikilakila Waqairatu who said it was important for its church members to adhere to the rule of law.

He says considering the climate of the situation it is very important that we try and maintain peace in the country.

Reverend Waqairatu's call comes in light of the interim government's directive on Thursday to ban all Methodist Church meetings, including the church's annual conference.

The interim regime says the church's permit to hold public meetings, including their annual meeting, was revoked because they didn't meet the conditions of their permit.