24 Aug 2011

NZ's McCully warns Fiji sanctions will be strictly applied for RWC

11:12 am on 24 August 2011

The New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, says the travel sanctions on Fijians with military regime links will be strictly applied for the Rugby World Cup, despite an exemption for one of them

Lock Leone Nakarawa has been given a temporary visa to come to New Zealand to play for Fiji in the tournament after he resigned from the military.

Mr McCully, who's also the Rugby World Cup Minister, says he is satisfied the player's resignation is genuine and permanent, and the Government wants to provide incentives for people in Fiji to cut their ties to the regime.

He says it is the only temporary exemption granted for the World Cup so far

"It is quite likely we will receive some further applications for exemptions. As I say there are a number of rugby followers in the regime and in the rugby union itself. And the rules will apply to them. If they are part of the regime or part of the military the sanctions will apply."

The New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully.