17 Aug 2011

Guam businesses welcome construction contract

5:57 pm on 17 August 2011

A training scheme in Guam could double the number of apprentices coming through its doors after the awarding of the first Japan-funded contract for the territory's military build up.

A Colorado-based partnership's clinched a 90-million US dollar deal to construct aviation and waterfront facilities in the territory as part of an agreement to move nearly nine thousand US troops there from Okinawa.

Victor Rodgers of the Guam Community College says with Guam's unemployment rate now more than thirteen percent, it's important to get locals employed on the projects.

He says his scheme's standing by to beef up its student intake and courses which range from electrical and IT training to accounting and project management.

"Everyone's kind of holding their breath waiting for these things to start breaking because they're going to be the first ones employed and the one's that are coming through the apprenticeship, the new hires are going to be the next wave following them."

Victor Rodgers of the Guam Community College