16 Aug 2011

Oceania exhibition explores what it means to be from Pacific

1:40 pm on 16 August 2011

A two-part exhibition that explores what makes Oceania unique is running concurrently at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa, and City Gallery in Wellington.

The exhibitions were organised as part of the Rugby World Cup celebrations to showcase the region to international visitors.

The exhibitions draw heavily on the Te Papa collection and include contemporary works from Melanesia, Niue, Samoa and New Zealand.

The Director of City Gallery Wellington, Paula Savage, says the exhibitions discuss what makes Oceania's location, physical environment and its people special.

"The Pacific people were great navigators, great explorers. And you'll notice that theme of exploring and navigating is quite strong through the works as well. This exhibition, you are looking though the eyes and imagination of the artists and what they feel it means to be part of the wider Oceanic region."

Ms Savage says many of the artists, whose works feature, have left their Pacific Island homelands and now live in New Zealand.

The Oceania exhibitions runs until November the 6th.