15 Aug 2011

Diabetes expert calls for turkey tails to be banned in American Samoa

7:07 am on 15 August 2011

A diabetes expert at a non communicable diseases forum in Tonga last week says she hopes politiciand will heed a call for American Samoa to stop importing turkey tails.

Head of the Diabetes Control Program at the American Samoa Health Department , Dr. Faiese Roby, says locals are bombarded with unhealthy food choices which are made even more attractive because they're cheap.

Dr Roby says the banning of turkey tails, which have a high fat content, would be a great step forward.

"If Samoa can do it American Samoa can do it.So I think we will push it through. And I hope all the politicans in American Samoa will support this."

Dr. Faiese Roby

The forum, which hosted health officials from 22 Pacific Island countries, also called for the inclusion of health officials in trade talks to ensure better access to healthy and affordable foods.