5 Aug 2011

Israel and Nauru strike closer links

1:21 pm on 5 August 2011

Israel's President Shimon Peres has offered Nauru help to deal with its lack of clean water.

The Jerusalum Post reports that the offer came as the President received the credentials of Nauru's new envoy, Marlene Moses, as the non-resident ambassador to Israel, stationed in New York.

Ms Moses told Mr Peres of Nauru's unique geography, being an island with no rivers or lakes, surrounded by ocean which threatens to submerge it.

She said that in addition, all of Nauru's underground water is contaminated, and her government would like to take advantage of Israel's expertise in water technology to overcome the problem.

Mr Peres promised to put the best experts at her disposal.

Israel has also pledged to help Nauru develop its fishing industry.