2 Aug 2011

Fast food operator in Fiji closes its doors over spat with government agency

3:14 pm on 2 August 2011

The fast food chain KFC has temporarily closed its three locations in Fiji after being unable to import key ingredients.

In a statement, the company says that since October 2010, the Fiji Quarantine & Inspection Division has not allowed KFC to bring in its most needed ingredients - a milk and egg mix and breading salt.

It says the missing ingredients have led to a decline in product quality, which coupled with rising food costs, contributed to decreasing sales.

The statement says KFC has been importing the milk and egg mix and breading salt since first opening its doors in Fiji 10 years ago.

KFC's management is working to resolve the import restriction with the Fiji Quarantine & Inspection Division.

The permanent closure would affect about 80 full-time and part-time employees.