1 Aug 2011

Niue in last ditch attempt to make a go of tourism

1:44 pm on 1 August 2011

The vice president of Niue's Chamber of Commerce says it'll be a balancing act to create a tourism sector that's economically sustainable.

The comment follows the official opening of the Niue Visitors Centre, which is to be the focal point for tourist activities on the island and has been upgraded using New Zealand funding.

New Zealand's injecting almost 13 million US dollars into tourism over the next three years but one of the challenges facing Niue is boosting its 14-hundred strong population to be able to support more activity in the sector.

Lofa Rex says while the money's very welome, using it well is another challenge.

"Creation of jobs is very important for Niue but with creation you've got to have the employment and you've got to have the homes. And so you've got have all three and they've got to all work at the same time. You cannot bring people in if they don't have employment or don't have schools or enough placements for them. So this is our sort of like last ditch attempt and it's really good that New Zealand has donated all these funds for us but let's get it right. And we don't want too many tourism and then we cannot cope with it."

The vice president of Niue's Chamber of Commerce, Lofa Rex.