19 Jul 2011

Mixed response to Guam and CNMI reunification bid

7:00 pm on 19 July 2011

There has been mixed reaction to an announcement by the Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas about reunification with Guam.

Benigo Fitial told a subcommittee hearing in Washington D.C. that he and Guam's governor Eddie Calvo are in serious discussions about reuniting the Marianas.

Governor Fitial says he and Governor Calvo and have pledged to work together to reunify the Marianas.

The governor was testifying before the Subcommittee on the CNMI's Delegate Gregorio Kilili Sablan's resident only bill.

But the announcement on reunification surprised many in the Northern Marianas

The acting governor, Eloy Inos, says he would rather study the reunification issue in greater detail before commenting on it.

Senate President Paul Manglona, meanwhile, said he is always in favor of reunification.

He says people of Guam and the CNMI have the same culture, their religion over the centuries has pulled them together, and share a common history.

However, the House Speaker says talks of a CNMI-Guam reunification should be preceded by a roundtable discussion.