19 Jul 2011

Tonga recaptures two inmates on the run

1:04 pm on 19 July 2011

Two escaped prisoners, who'd been on the run for six weeks on Tonga's main island, were recaptured early today.

The police deputy commander Taniela Faletau says the duo were captured on the western side of Tongatapu by prison officers.

He says information from the public led to the recapture.

Mr Faletau says they have evidence that the prisoners, who'd got out of the newly built prison on June the 6th, had received help from other members of the public and charges for harbouring are likely.

"We will be continuing with our investigations in relation to people who have harboured them and assisted them during their escape but the thing now is we are thanking the public for the information that they have provided, that has assisted us, with prisons, in the recapture this morning of these escaped prisoners."