12 Jul 2011

Fiji use of contraception snagged by lack of access and education

1:26 pm on 12 July 2011

A Pacific health NGO says lack of access and education is stopping people using contraception in Fiji.

Fijilive reports the Ministry of Health as saying only 50 per cent of Fiji's population uses contraception.

The Executive Director of Medical Services Pacific, Jennifer Poole, says that figure has been the same for the past few years.

She says the problem is a combination of people not knowing what the choices are, and not being able to get access to contraception.

"It's also actually being able to talk to people, about family planning and birth spacing, and giving them the different choices. Sometimes those choices are a bit limited in Fiji, because Fiji gets stops and starts in supply. But things like the pill, and condoms, they're always available in the urban areas. It's just getting them out to community level, and raising awareness and giving people the choices."

Jennifer Poole from Medical Services Pacific