11 Jul 2011

American Samoa legislature to have quiet opening for second session

10:30 am on 11 July 2011

In American Samoa, there will not be a joint ceremony to open the 2nd regular session of the 32nd legislature tomorrow.

One is not required but it has been the norm in the past for the House and Senate to hold a joint opening and invite the governor.

Lawmakers and Fono staffers say that each house will meet in their respective chambers tomorrow morning.

KHJ News was also told that the Fono will meet for four days this week then adjourn possibly for two or more weeks.

The official reason for the break is to save session days for the Fy2012 budget.

Aside from review of the budget other items on the agenda will be the confirmation of new directors for health, Chief Procurement Officer Ivy Taufaasau, and Department of Education.

On the House side, several members will deal with the American Samoa Power Authority on several issues.

The statement by the ASPA board chairman that the Fono doesn't have authority over ASPA's budget has ruffled a few feathers.

Members also want to address concerns form constituents about rising utility costs, water quality and the utility's role as a fuel supplier .