7 Jul 2011

Internet roll-out touted as boon for Vanuatu village economy

1:27 pm on 7 July 2011

Vanuatu's government-appointed regulator of telecommunications, Alan Horne, says a trial roll out of internet services in some rural villages will have profound effects.

Mr Horne says a company called Insight has won a competitive tender to provide tele centres and internet connectivity to schools and health centres in four villages on Malekula and Ambrym.

He says it's part of a pilot project to learn lessons on the capacity building needed, the technology itself and the level of community involvement.

Mr Horne says there will be tremendous benefits for health and education and the government's push to achieve the millennium development goals.

"More importantly, to create jobs. To create jobs in the rural community so that young people don't have to leave the community, leave their families and go to Vila, go to Australia or go to any other city outside Vanuatu. They can remain within their community."