6 Jul 2011

Facing climate change, Tuvalu families move to Futuna

6:58 pm on 6 July 2011

Reports from the French Pacific island of Futuna say more than 20 people from Tuvalu are expected to settle in Ono village to escape the effects of climate change in Tuvalu.

According to a report on New Caledonian radio, a 70-year-old Tuvalu woman has spearheaded the move as her ancestors hail from Futuna, whose language is similar to Tuvaluan.

The report says she has been advised that she and her family will be given land.

One Tuvalu family is said to have settled while others visiting the island's kingdom of Alo are reported to have returned to Tuvalu to formalise migration papers.

They are to apply for renewable one-year residency papers which could make it possible for them to get a French passport within five years.