6 Jul 2011

Fiji pensioners dismayed at lack of information on payouts

5:46 pm on 6 July 2011

Fiji pensioners say they're being left in the dark over plans to cut their pensions and say it's unacceptable they don't know what their next payout will be.

The Fiji National Provident Fund is planning reforms which could see pensions cut from 25 percent to about nine percent, but no final date has been given for changes to be brought in.

Long-time pensioner and businessman Ross McDonald says there's real hardship and concern for elderly people left in the lurch waiting for information with a claim in the courts adding to the confusion.

"There's been no formal statement. There's been no statement from the government as to what their intention may be so we're left in a state of uncertainty. You're talking about people's livelihood here, about our welfare. Most of us are in our sunset years."

Fiji pensioner Ross McDonald.

Fund CEO Aisake Taito has told Fiji media public submissions on the reforms are still being analysed.