6 Jul 2011

PNG opposition suspects corruption at very top

1:39 pm on 6 July 2011

The deputy leader of the opposition in Papua New Guinea says perceptions of corruption among senior government leaders is one reason a caretaker administration should be established.

Sam Basil says the infighting within the ruling National Alliance and the suspension of two cabinet ministers who are to face leadership tribunals are other reasons the opposition is now talking with disgruntled MPs in the government.

Mr Basil says there is a need for good, clean parliamentarians to take over ahead of next year's election, because he believes key people in the government are corrupt.

"And we know that most of these parliamentarians are second termers. Most of them own houses in Australia and overseas, in Asia. Overnight they became millionaires. They don't own businesses before becoming MPs so those are the signs of corrupt government itself. So we are seeing if we need to change we have got have a new clean, maybe first terms, and good veteran MPs that are always preaching about good governance and anti corrupt government."