6 Jul 2011

Opposition in PNG pushes for caretaker government until election

8:06 am on 6 July 2011

The deputy leader of the opposition in the Papua New Guinea parliament, Sam Basil, says efforts are underway to try and create a caretaker government.

He says with friction in the governing National Alliance, ministers facing leadership tribunals and allegations of corruption, a change in government is vital.

With the election less than a year away, it's too late for a vote of no confidence, so Mr Basil says any change is dependent on the government breaking up.

He believes there's a real chance of this happening and the opposition is talking with a number of disgruntled MPs in the coalition.

"As Opposition we know that if there is a chance of them breaking up they will require Opposition to top up. now we want to top with good credible people so that we instill a caretaker government and we make sure that the 2012 budget is done properly, and we go to the elections and concentrate all our energy on that election and then come back and form a good government after the 2012 [poll]."