29 Jun 2011

Sport: Troy Polamalu arrives in American Samoa

6:24 pm on 29 June 2011

NFL star Troy Polamalu has arrived in American Samoa, where his foundation will run a series of football camps for young kids.

Governor Togiola Tulafono extended a hearty welcome to the Pittsburgh Steelers safety and his entourage before Polamalu thanked the crowd for his welcome.

"I'm just a small part of the equation of what's come here. I've brought quite a few other football players and a lot of other staff members that are really going to be doing a lot of good work. We all really just look forward to being with the children. We came here obviously to explore Samoan culture but most importantly to show the kids what we've learnt and what we were ambassadors of, playing this wonderful sport of football."

Tory Polamalu says his team is excited for the week ahead.