20 Jun 2011

Marshalls concerned over Ebeye oil dumping

9:08 am on 20 June 2011

The Marshall Islands Environmental Protection Authority says waste oil being dumped in Ebeye Island's landfill and the island's non-functioning sewer system are major concerns.

The Authority's Chief Environmental Specialist on Ebeye, Odrikawa Jatios, says there has been a lot of illegal dumping of waste oil at the site.

Mr Jatios says his office is contacting companies on Guam that handle the disposal of waste oil to find out the cost of shipping waste oil to Guam for disposal.

He has says another problem on Ebeye is the non-working sewer system

A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report in 2010 said the sewer system for the 12,000 residents has not worked in more than five years.

The report also laid out a blueprint for fixing infrastructure problems on the island, which is next to the US missile testing site on Kwajalein Atoll.

But no action has been taken yet.